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Director Chris Conway leads the way in producing a powerful new music video debuting the super-duo Metaverse. The song Julius Caesar is about facing adversity head on and figuring out a way to thrive in the face of peril. The title Julius Caesar brings up the topic of being "stabbed in the back" by those you feel were your closest allies and friends. The video tackles heroin addiction and the epidemic that has plagued the band's hometown and the nation as a whole. It is a powerful testament to finding your way through the pain that life can throw at you. The video has a release date set for 8/12/17. Stay Tuned ! Stay tuned for some great behind the scenes photos. There is one here posted below.

Some of the amazing cast include :

Erika Concra

Scott Ultimo

Frank Dianda

Alex Dupiton

Vinnie Velez

Sean Delaney

Jay Larange

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