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SDot Sponsored by Rudeboy Clothing

Ok so I'm a family man, I'm a proud father. I am also an entrepreneur and I am also a songwriter. It's not going to be easy for me to fit in any image category when it comes to who I am as an artist. It's a take it or leave it kind of deal. Fortunately most take it because they recognize my grind and my hustle. So when Rude Boy Family Clothing asked to sponsor me, they did so knowing what type of artist they were sponsoring. They sent me some of their clothing line like the hat in this picture for me to represent their brand. I decided to not hide behind anything and just give them the artist SDot in his truest form. This is me...Take it or Leave it.

Here is the email I first received when I was asked to be sponsored: Hi Sean, We appreciate your interest in RB Lifestyle Magazine and releasing your music with us. After reviewing your music, we have concluded it would be good fit to do a article on you. I loved the music and image. We are very careful of who we select due to our main demographic. Our readers are mostly in Asia and Europe and hip-hop consumer based, so the music we promote has to match with our brand. RBUK Clothing is also our official partner.

We will write a full story on you and promote you to all our followers with guaranteed results. We have over 90,000 subscribers world wide right now so it will be very easy to get you exposure through our network especially for independent and new music.

I also work with artist branding at RBUK Clothing. I would also like for you to join our team. I can talk to my manager and get you hooked up on some gear too. I think it will fit you great since it's very high end street wear. It'd be awesome to get some photos of you wearing it. We can post them on our social media pages and use it for our lookbooks. We have a huge following and I only support the artists I feel are good.

Also attached is a link to my article:

Thank you all for following my movement, I hope I can continue to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

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