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Reviews on "Skylights" single are in ...

My new single "Skylights" will be released Worldwide tomorrow and on ITunes. Take a look at some of these private reviews the song has already received. "This song has an awesome lyrical content and dark flow to the music which goes hand in hand along side of the beat. The message in the song comes across directly. The mix is outstanding and the vocalist has little effect on his voice which displays his raw and natural abilities." "Oh wow! I am in love with the haunting / tuneful music in the beginning! The fast and catchy rap is very nice with the addition of the back round sounds. The lyrics seem to be very meaningful and original which, in my opinion, is very important in a popular song. I'll give you a 8/10." "The intro echoing reminded me of Halo's theme tune and the voice of the rapper just nails it at the perfect moment. The lyrics are very well written and fight social problems which have a great and deep meaning. The beats are masterfully done and the flow is consistently taking you to and from inside the song which is great. The constant echoing all throughout the song gives the song altogether an epic feel." "The intro really gives the song a Heavenly feel, immediate lyrics are extremely attractive. Production of the song sounds professional, and the rapper really delivers his lyrics well, and his word dictation is great. I could understand every word spoke, and the lyrical build up is clear. It's an easy listen and I believe this song is commercial material. Good track." "The intro sounds light, angelic, soothing and calm. I didn't expect the rapping to become involved which took a dramatic twist into the song. The backing vocals created a vibrant feel to the song. I feel attracted to the lyrics which is the aim of the song. It has so much potential as its unique, dynamic, joyful and fun." Get your hands on the new single tomorrow ...

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