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Grade$Count Song Officially underway

SDot and Mathew Nabozny, Director of Marketing and Development will be heading South to Barrel House Recording studio to record the next big hit happening for Hudcity. Filmmaker Gary Malick, director of the highly acclaimed Hiphop video on Autism has summoned his talents again to write along with Jazz/R&B Singer Cristina Ferucci the next anthem for students all around the world. This is a huge event and has potential to surpass the pandemonium that "Open Your Eyes" has brought to our label. They are honored to be a part of such a positive and phenomenal way to help kids and adults achieve the impossible with their academic studies. Tomorrow another milestone for the great ‪#‎HUDCITYENT‬ will be walked upon. This is only the beginning of an amazing new year for us. We thank you for your continued support and we will continue to update you on this new and exciting project for our camp.

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